Monday, October 13, 2008

If It Walks Like a Duck....?

yeah, it's a duck. Obama is a socialist and if you think no, read it from his own mouth, OBAMA TELLS PLUMBER HE WANTS TO 'SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND' And if you're still not sure what redistribution of wealth means, check out Wikipedia.

Brown Lawn Sends Man to Jail

This is too much. Thank goodness I am not in Homeowner Association neighborhood. Careful Calabasas, this could be your future. Jailed man in Florida

Friday, October 10, 2008

Now It All Makes Sense, Hef Likes Em Trashy

I really know how to spot skanks. I knew these girls were trouble. LOL Hefners Twins Gone Bad

Again, their parents must be proud.!

ACORN is a Scary Little Group

Since Barack has been on the national scene, his career resume includes a stint as a 'community organizer'. I often wondered what that job entails. Here is a sample.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Can Hugh Hefner Just Die Already?

I'm sorry, if that's mean. I know that I run the risk of coming off as a bitter old biddy, but seriously. The guy is old. Really old and unattractive. Plus he's a skank. He he hadn't of come up with a way to mainstream porno, he'd be a retired city employee living in Van Nuys. Now that he has 'broken up' with his blonde bimbos that super pink reality show, Girls Next Door, he's onto barely legal 19 year old twins. EWWWWWW!!! That is just gross! I know it's all for show as the guy is probably about as able to engage in any sexual activity as my transistor radio, but still. He puts the image out there and I had to look at it. I was forced, now I'm forcing you.

These two twins (Kewpie and Kreepy or something like that)must have some mighty proud parents. Good job folks!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Great American Tradition

From the current edition of THE ACORN

This is Dangerous Ground

Calling Sarah Palin's criticism of Barack Obama racist, Democratic Rep, Gregory Meeks, sets a bad precedent. Palin said a campaign stop that Obama is not like us, Meeks thinks 'us' means 'white people', not Republicans in the audience.

Democrats like to accuse Republicans of speaking in code. I had a very liberal Bay Area, Prius driving, Obama supporter tell me that when Palin accepted the Republican VP spot at the convention, her acceptance speech was filled with overt religious codes, such as wanting to be of 'service' and " a servant'. I guess in some circles this is crazy Born Again religious fanatic speak, not politician trying to looking humble speak.

I made the mistake of reading the Huffington Post after Palin's acceptance speech at the RNC. Unbeknown to most of the planet Palin made a comment that thoroughly offended Robert Kennedy Jr. Kennedy was lamenting that Palin quoted an "avowed racist" who besides being a horrible person had wished his father Robert Kennedy, dead. Westbrook Peglar commented that we grow great people in small towns, and Palin echoed that in her speech.

It must mean Palin is a racist and hater of Kennedy's to boot.

It can't mean that a lot of people believe we grow good people in small towns.

So, the problem becomes, any criticism of Obama has the potential to turn into accusations of racism. I am afraid we will have a lot more of this is Obama becomes President.

My hope however is people don't stop calling Obama on his stuff despite, wacko Congressmen with a chip on his shoulder. Did I just say that? Yes, call me what you will, I prefer free speech over politically correct speech any day.

McCain Just Can't Compete

Sometimes I watch Obama and I think, yes! He' got a point! He's so well spoken and so good at stating his position in a easy to follow manner. He's different from Sarah Palin's plain spoken, 'you betchya' style. I saw a pic of him recently where he was striding along the tarmac ready to get into his airplane, cell phone in hand, crisp white shirt, and sunglasses. My God, he looks like a Vogue layout. How can he not win?

Then there is McCain who is starting to look smaller and smaller and more like a hobbit by the day. His arms, which I know are permanently injured are like little stubs, Standing next to his sexy blonde wife, he's even more weird looking, while Barack and Michelle are a match.

I don't know how McCain is going to overcome the inate sexiness and cool that is Barack Obama. Especially in a society that reveres style over substance. It's been said that in 1960 during the Kennedy, Nixon debate, people who watched the showdown on television, thought Kennedy won, those who listened on radio, thought Nixon won.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thomas Sowel Nails It

We have been amazed as most conservatives by the media bias this elections cycle. It was obvious to anyone who supported Hillary Clinton and now it is obvious to anyone supporting John McCain. The media is deliberatly misleading and distorting, It's quite frustrating. The other night we had on KCAL 9 News. We weren't really watching as TV News is about as deep as a small bucket of water. Weonly heard the reporter. He was talking about Sarah Palin's attack on Obamas 'relationship' with William Ayers, who is a old 60's radical hippie who should be living in a trailer somewhere, but for some reason he is revered as a professor of some over priced university in Chicago.

Anywho, the reporter ended the segment by reminding viewers the Barack Obama was only eight years old when Ayers committed the bombings. We were livid! How dumb does the reporter think people are? Wait, don't answer that. We feel stupid stating the obvious, but who has accused Barack Obama of running around bombing peolple at eight years old or even present day for the matter? NO ONE!

But the media is so superficial it makes me cry. Here is a thought Mr. Cub Reporter on KCAL 9? He is associating with someone who is a home grown terrorist and worse, he says he had know idea. So, Obama is either stupid or a liar. At best he's a bad judge of charachter. What if he hung out with Timothy McVeigh on occassion? He's till hanging with a terrorist. Something most normal people don't do. Yeah, call me a racists for calling Obama stupid. I am done acting like it's okay.

Please read Thomas Sowell's wonderful piece about the facts and the distortion of. Do Facts Matter?

How is This Possible?

How does Angelina Jolie do this? Three little kids a bag of Cheetos and the woman looks like a runway model. And those children? Sometimes when I look at Brad and Angelina, my eyes hurt from the pure beauty. There needs to be a mole, or wart or something, just to make the playing field somewhat even between Angelina and the rest of us schlubs.

I love this picture because I can imagine being the woman sitting in the horse drawn carriage minding my own business and seeing this 'vision'. My ills would be cured and my life would be complete!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Art in Our Kids School

Art by Peter Lee, Van Nuys High School

Arts In Education Council, is one of the finest non profits around and is located right here in the valley. Founder and director, Spike Dolomite Ward, is a mom and artist who wanted better access to children from all across the economic spectrum in the valley to being exposed to art and music in the public schools. We have watched AIEC grow into a one stop resource for educators, parents, kids and artists.

Check out the website for all the latest information, ways you can assist and art by kids. ARTS IN EDUCATION COUNCIL

Mandatory Water Rationing...Even at the Oaks?

They're euphemistically calling it "Mandatory Conservation" instead of water rationing so we don't panic, but we wonder if the big old McMansions in the Oaks and beyond aren't using up a pretty pitcher of water that us phlebians down in Mulwood don't get close to using in a month. By the way, has anyone noticed the stench on the 101 freeway by Sperlings? We thinks the sewers behind gates runneth over. Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Mandatory Conservation Guidelines

O'Reilly Goes Postal On Barney

Bill O'Reilly isn't at his most articulate here, "stop the BS, stop the crap!", but oh how good does it feel to have someone challenge this criminal and lying sack of puke. Minute 2:00 is when the fun begins! Thanks Bill!

"Not Facing Any Kind of Financial Crisis" So,CALM DOWN You Mean Republicans!

“These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis, the more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.” Barney Frank in response to the Bush administration overhaul plan.

Senator Obama has also been a recipient of campaign donations from Fannie and Freddie according to the LA TIMES, However a campaign aid said the donations did not influence Obama in any way. Okay, if you say so Mr. Campaign Aid.

So, when Bush tried to overhaul the system to tighten up the regulations, according to this New York Times article, Obama's friends at Freddie and Fannie didn't expect anything in return. No, they all just wanted to make sure that folks got affordable housing.

Why John McCain is not shouting this from the rooftops just goes to show you, one party is corrupt and the other party is stupid.